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1. Reverse your truck into the yard, be careful when maneuvering as Christina Rd can be busy, ensure safety precautions are taken whilst doing this.

2. Ensure your truck is positioned as depicted in the illustration, your truck should be parked next to the fence line.

3. Ensure hazard and/or warning lights are enabled upon entry, parking, loading and unloading of equipment.

4. Upon completion of parking, walk to the office (as shown in illustration) and liaise with GTH Equipment staff for loading or unloading instruction.

5. Ensure a movement docket has been completed for all equipment being delivered or loaded. No equipment is to enter or leave the yard without a movement docket being completed. Note* The GTH Equipment yard is shared with a neighboring business and as such, the entrance way and driveways must remain clear at all times to ensure customer parking is available.

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